Evolutionary Systems Virology Group
  This is the web page of the Evolutionary Systems Virology Group headed by Prof. Santiago F. Elena at the Instituto de Biologia Integrativa de Sistemas  



Some useful links

Faculty of 1000 Post-publication peer review

S.F. Elena's Research ID

Searching at Digital.CSIC



Press note on the presentation of the new I2SysBio-CRM Associated Unit DysCoVir.

Column by Carl Zimmer on the New York Times commenting our work in Annu. Rev. Microbiol. on the origin of viroids.

Interview to S.F. Elena published by Mètode on viral infections and, specially, Ébola virus.

Virus Evolution an exciting new journal just launched by Oxford University Press!!

Arcady and Santiago's article in Virology has been selected by the journal's editors for their Virology Highlights Blog!

A blog commenting Santiago's lecture on virology to journalism students